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Setesco is an engineering office specialised in structural stability. It was founded in 1957 and is active in all areas related to the structures of buildings, engineering structures and civil engineering.

Know how

A strong expertise

To provide effective advice and assistance to our clients in our areas of expertise, with a view to optimising their property investments.

To provide a real consulting service from the first sketches to the acceptance of the work.

The loyalty of our many public and private clients, who have continued to place their trust in us for many years.

Our story

After 18 years of professional activities in shipbuilding, at the SECO office, and in corporate engineering, André Paduart set up his own design office. At the same time, he started teaching at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

On the occasion of the Brussels World Fair, André Paduart was entrusted with a series of studies, the most striking of which, LA FLECHE DU PAVILLON DU GENIE-CIVIL, produced in thin sails, brought him fame.

Jacques Schiffmann joins André Paduart and, in a few years, becomes his right-hand man. The design office developed rapidly and diversified its activities: public and private buildings, bridges, viaducts, subways, hydraulic works, etc.

The André Paduart design office becomes SETESCO S.A.: Société d'Etudes Techniques Et Scientifiques de la COnstruction (Company for technical and scientific studies of construction).

Guy Clantin joins Setesco. His arrival coincided with the computerisation of stability calculations and the development of civil engineering activities. He will be the competent leader. He is also an assistant at the U.L.B. for the teaching of Bridges and Metallic Constructions.

André Paduart is appointed Honorary Professor at U.L.B., and remains scientific advisor to Setesco.

André Paduart died suddenly on 27 February.

Jacques Schiffmann and Guy Clantin are joined by Philippe Samyn. Together, they acquired all the shares in Setesco from the Paduart family.

Luc Sottiaux joins the management team.

The next generation is getting ready : Luc Sottiaux shares the position of Managing Director with Jacques Schiffmann since 1 January 2000.

Reda Fares joins Setesco.

Van Binh Nguyen becomes a shareholder of Setesco.

Luc Sottiaux is the sole managing director.
Jacques Schiffmann is administrator and consultant for Setesco.
Martin Veraart joins Setesco. He is also an assistant at U.L.B.

After a busy career, Guy Clantin is retiring.

Samyn and Partners exits Setesco's capital.
All the shares are now held by the directors and partners active in Setesco: Luc Sottiaux, Jacques Schiffmann and Van Binh Nguyen.
Van Binh Nguyen, an engineer with Setesco for 19 years, becomes administrator.

Jacques Schiffmann withdraws from the capital of Setesco but remains a director.
Reda Fares and Martin Veraart, engineers who have been active at Setesco for 7 and 5 years respectively, become partners.

Jacques Schiffmann retires from the Board of Directors but remains a consultant.
Reda Fares and Martin Veraart are appointed as administrators..

Jacques Schiffmann takes a well-deserved retirement.

After a busy career, Van Binh Nguyen retires.

Luc Sottiaux withdraws from the capital of Setesco.
Reda Fares and Martin Veraart hold all the shares of Setesco and are appointed CEO.


A team at your service

Setesco's reliability lies in its overall project support. Thanks to a single project manager, from the first strokes of the architect's pencil to final delivery and after-sales service, each project benefits from a tailor-made follow-up, as close as possible to the realities of the site.

Our areas of expertise are: office buildings, residential buildings, schools, nurseries, hospitals, shopping centres, hotels, engineering structures, civil engineering works, etc.